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From the blog:

personalOne important aspect to consider when you buy your Greek property in Greece is how much time you are likely to spend there, and whether this means that you will need to apply to become a resident.  If you are an EU national, you may live and work in Greece without a work permit as long as you have a valid passport or identity card. There is no entry visa requirement.  However if you are staying longer than three months, you need to apply for a residence certificate, as immigration officials no longer stamp EU passports on entry into Greece.  Therefore they have no way of telling how long you have been in the country.  With this, it is worth requesting a stamp in your passport to show your date of entry, if you are planning to get a residence certificate.

To enable you to get a residence certificate, you will need to provide health insurance details, also you must be able to prove that you have an income that ensures that you will not become dependent on the social assistance system in Greece. You must report in person to the Aliens Bureau in Athens at: 173 Alexandras Avenue, 115 22 Athens, telephone: (210) 64 68 103, (210) 77 05 711 Extension: 379, or the nearest police station in other locations, where a residence certificate will be issued.  The residence certificate confirms your right to stay in the country: it is issued for five years and may be renewed. It is free and certificates are usually issued on-the-spot. After five years of continuous and legal residence in the host EU member state, you are entitled to permanent residence.

Documents required for a residence certificate are:

Passport or ID document
Evidence that you (and your family if applicable) have health insurance and sufficient funds
Three colour photographs
A European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) issued by your country of origin.

Until recently, the amount of  ‘adequate funds’ was equivalent to the minimum social security pension, which equates to about €8,000 annually, but this may have changed recently, so do check. In some cases, officials may ask for a bank statement showing a balance of at least this amount.

Each resident is given a personal tax registration number (AFM) for dealings with the tax authorities and a social insurance number.

Should you require help in this area, please do feel free to contact Greek Property Experts.

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